1win Cancellation Policy

Users may choose to close their account at any time. In such cases, the User is requested to send an email to the Customer Service; it will proceed and confirm to the User that such cancellation has taken place. If funds are available in the account, they will be transferred to the User to the best of the User’s ability; fees, if any, generated by this transaction must be covered by the User. Should the User wish to return to 1win, this same account will be re-activated.

The User may exclude himself from 1win services temporarily or permanently due to gambling addiction problems. In addition, 1win reserves the right to exclude Users or close the User’s account if 1win assumes that the User suffers from a gambling addiction problem.

In order to prevent compulsive gambling, 1win may only reactivate a permanently closed or deactivated account with a delay of seven days in accordance with the Remote Gambling Regulations.

1win reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to void any wager or winnings, terminate the agreement, deactivate the account, refuse, cancel services, block account transactions and/or refuse to distribute winnings to any person for any legitimate reason including but not limited to the following:

  • User provides incorrect or misleading information in his/her account or upon registration.
  • User has neglected or failed to provide required identification and/or other verification documents.
  • The User provides documents that do not match the credit card or other payment method account data.
  • The User uses or accesses the services from jurisdictions that prohibit them by law.
  • The User uses money obtained through criminal, unauthorized or other illegal activities.
  • The User is not of legal age in your jurisdiction and is not at least 18 years of age.
  • The User has defrauded or attempted to defraud 1win or any other party in any way. This includes any scheme based on the use of software, techniques, computers, machines or similar tools or the establishment of a syndicate of Users to defraud or cause damage to Betcris, other Users or any other party.
  • The User has multiple accounts on the 1win web site.
  • The User has allowed any other person access to his account. 1win makes no exception for intentional or unintentional acts, omissions or reasons.
  • Where 1win has reason to believe that the User’s activities may be illegal or where 1win may suffer any fiscal, regulatory or pecuniary disadvantage by virtue of any person’s activities.
  • The User acts in an indecent manner when communicating with 1win staff or other Users, such as harassing or using inappropriate language by email, chat or telephone.
  • The User violates the terms of the Agreement and fails to comply with the Agreement.

1win prohibits and takes measures to prohibit the use of devices, such as robots, by the User, which distort the normal use of the services.

The term of the Agreement shall be for an indefinite period and if the User wishes to terminate this Agreement at any time, it may do so by sending notice by e-mail to 1win. After termination, the User will not be able to make any further transactions.

Protection against money laundering: Money laundering is the engagement in any transaction that seeks to conceal or disguise the true nature or origin of funds resulting from illegal activities such as fraud, corruption, organized crime or terrorism, etc. in legitimate activities. Betcris is aware of this risk to its business operations. Furthermore, we remind you that it is illegal to deposit money by illicit means. For this reason, we have established a robust system of controls to help detect suspicious transactions and fraudulent activities. These systems must ensure the following:

All personnel are aware of their obligations under AML (Anti-Money Laundering Protection) laws in accordance with their jobs and responsibilities.

KYC procedures are in place for all players who register and have an active account on the website.

Controls and reporting functionalities (constant monitoring) are in place to identify suspicious transaction patterns.